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Another victim falls prey to spoofing scam

Tuesday, January 12, 2021


An OSU student was the victim of fraud after a scammer spoofed the Oklahoma State University Police Department’s main phone line and claimed to be Chief Leon Jones. 

The scammer told the victim his identity had been used to purchase illegal narcotics and there was a warrant out for his arrest. The scammer told the victim he needed to pay $3,000 to take care of the warrant, and the money would also be used to catch the people who stole his identity. 

After unsuccessfully attempting to download several cash transfer apps, the victim eventually used the Zelle app through the Chase Bank app. The victim transferred a large sum of money to the scammer. He also provided the caller with access to his email so the caller could “track down the suspects.” 

The OSU Police Department never requests money over the phone, demands money or asks a subject to verify or provide personal information such as usernames and passwords. 

If you receive a call that appears to be from the OSUPD but you believe the call is fraudulent, hang up and call the OSUPD at 405-744-6523. If the call is fraudulent, file a report. Also file a complaint with the FCC Consumer Complaint Center by selecting the "phone" option and selecting "unwanted calls." The data helps the FCC track trends and supports enforcement investigations.

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