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OSU Police warn about phone scam

Friday, July 19, 2019

The Oklahoma State University Police Department is warning Oklahomans about a potential scam that appears to come from the department’s phone number. More than 35 people have been a victim since June 10.


Chief Leon Jones said some calls or messages have directed the recipient to report to the police department, where they claim an officer will be waiting regarding an outstanding warrant. Other callers tell the victim his or her name has come up regarding a drug investigation. One caller requested inappropriate photos of the victim. In some cases the caller used the name of an actual OSUPD officer.


“These fraudulent messages and calls are part of a larger body of crime where an individual impersonates a representative of a law enforcement or government agency in an effort to obtain money, gift cards or personal information,” Jones said. “No one would receive a call from the OSUPD regarding warrants or the collection of money.”

Anyone who receives a fraudulent call or text message should notify their local law enforcement agency.


“It’s simple to find the names of officers off department websites and then use them with this type of crime to make the victims believe the call is authentic. Remember, if you do not initiate the call or message, do not provide personal identifying information like your address, birth date, Social Security number or photos,” Jones said. “Understanding the nature of these scams and protecting your personal information is key to not becoming a victim.”

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