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Virtual campus, not closed campus is new protocol for inclement weather

Friday, February 12, 2021

Beginning Monday, Feb. 15, if inclement weather creates hazardous conditions, the university will announce a move to a virtual campus and virtual courses rather than a closed campus and canceled courses. The announcement will be made with a Cowboy Weather Alert sent via text message, email and phone call. Students should monitor their email on virtual campus days as faculty will provide instructions regarding whether their scheduled courses will be held virtually or canceled. The flexibility of a virtual campus model will be the OSU standard protocol going forward for all inclement weather days.


Employee Information 

Should the university move to the virtual campus model due to inclement weather, administrative service delivery will be virtual as well. 

  • If employees can work from home as authorized by their supervisors, they will be paid for time worked. This can include student and temporary employee classifications.
  • If staff cannot work from home, administrative leave will be used. This provision does not include student and temporary employee classifications. 
  • If staff must physically work on campus, they will be paid administrative leave in addition to the time worked. For exempt staff members, this will be provided as comparable time off at a later date.

For questions about specific situations, employees should contact their supervisor.


See the full message, including cold weather information and tips here.  

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