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public safety

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When a hostile person(s) is actively causing deadly harm or the imminent threat of deadly harm, OSU recommends the following precautions to all students, employees and visitors. Ultimately, each person is responsible for their own safety and decisions.


1. Dial 911. Report the situation and your location.


2. Turn on your cell phone and follow instructions from Rave Cowboy Alerts.


3. Evacuate if safe.


4. If you cannot safely evacuate the building, lock yourself in the room you are in.


  1. Do not stay in an open hallway or common area.
  2. Do not sound the fire alarm. A fire alarm requires everyone to evacuate the building, which could place them in more danger than they are otherwise in.
  3. Barricade yourself in the room using furniture or anything you can push against the door. 
  4. Lock windows. Close blinds or curtains. Turn off lights.
  5. Stay away from windows and doors.
  6. Turn all audio equipment off. Switch cell phones to silent or vibrate.
  7. Stay calm and be as quiet as possible.

5. If you are unable to escape or barricade yourself away from the intruder, you must decide what action to take.


  1. You can try to hide, but make sure it is a well-hidden place so you will not be found as the intruder searches for more victims.
  2. If you think you can safely make it outside the building by running, do so. If you decide to run, do not run in a straight line. Use trees, vehicles or any other object to block yourself from view.
  3. If the intruder is causing death or serious physical injury and you are unable to run or hide, you may choose to play dead if other victims are around you.
  4. The last option you have if caught in an open area may be to fight back. This is very dangerous, but may be your only option.
  5. If you are caught by the intruder and choose not to fight back, follow their directions. Do not look the intruder in the eye. 

6. Once the police arrive, obey all instructions. This may involve being handcuffed or putting your hands in the air.


The FBI and other investigative bodies have repeatedly found that there is no accurate profile of school shooters. However, several clear behavioral warning signs have been identified which are cause for concern.


  • Threatens harm or talks about killing other students, faculty or staff.
  • Constantly starts or participates in fights.
  • Loses temper or self-control easily.
  • Assaults others repeatedly.
  • Possesses weapons or has a preoccupation with them.
  • Becomes frustrated easily and converts frustration into uncontrollable physical violence.

If any member of the university community believes that a student is an imminent risk for violent or suicidal behavior, they are directed to dial 911 immediately. Students or employees believed to be at possible risk for violent or suicidal behavior, but not an imminent threat, may be referred to the OSU Threat Assessment Team which evaluates threatening students and employees and determines courses of action. To report a concern to the Threat Assessment Team, contact the OSU Police Department at 744-6523



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