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Quarterly Training

State law requires that all OSU employees, including student employees, receive safety training at least four times a year.


Training Requirements

The training requirements are anybody receiving a paycheck through OSU falls under this requirement. (The only exception to this rule might be contractors who are paid for services through Payroll for short-term projects.)


The object of the law is to reduce the number of accidents occurring, thereby reducing the amount and cost of Workers' Compensation claims being processed by the state (and paid for by taxpayers). The law is designed to help employees by providing them with the information necessary to do their jobs safely, as well as by reducing the amount of money being spent by the state on Workers' Compensation claims.


The Department of Labor (DOL) states that quarterly safety training must be "Appropriate to the nature and severity of the hazards faced by the employee."  In other words, somebody in a high-hazard work environment such as a laboratory would need more training than somebody who works in an office. Fortunately, the DOL does not set specific time requirements for the amount of training to be given, leaving a great deal of leeway as to how these quarterly requirements may be met.


All departments are responsible for documenting this training with date, subject and the persons receiving the training.


* Class rosters are probably the most efficient way to document safety training classes.


Download Class Roster Document


Goals & Objectives of Quarterly Safety Training

  • Reduce worker's compensation claim costs by educating employees in safe work practices and heightening safety awareness.
  • Help provide a safer work environment for all employees through education.
  • Foster good relations between employer and employees.
  • Provide quarterly training for all university employees in compliance with state law.


Sources of Training Material

Departments and employees can utilize a variety of sources to complete the required safety training to include videos, audio tapes, books, brochures, fact sheets, handouts, slides, classroom instruction or lectures, in-service training, tailgate sessions….  The key factor is the source and topic must be appropriate for the hazards employees face and provided to all including management. 


Documentation of this training shall include, but not limited to, date(s), location, course information, course provider/trainer and a list of employees in attendance.  Provisions must be made to arrange for make-up sessions for those employees who were not able to attend the scheduled training. 


The State Law

Because of concerns about the rising costs of Workers' Compensation in Oklahoma, the state legislature passed House Bill 1447 which revised state law (40 O.S., Section 403). The change incorporated a "quarterly safety training" requirement for all public employees. Below is the exact wording of that particular section, as well as the Department of Labor's Final rule pertaining to it in regards to safety training classes:

40 O.S. Section 403 Employees Duties and Responsibilities

380:40-1-22 Safety Programs


View State Law

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