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OSU Police are warning the campus of an apparent spoofing scam. Police say there have been several reports in the Stillwater area of people being contacted by phone by suspect(s) attempting to get them to divulge their personal and/or financial information. The caller ID coming up on the calls is showing a Stillwater Police Department or Oklahoma City Police Department number and the suspect is also identifying themselves as an police officer with Stillwater or Oklahoma City Police Department. The suspect(s) are asking for payments for unpaid traffic tickets, warrants, overdue utility payments and student loans. OSU Police urge anyone who may receive a call like this to hangup and notify police immediately, and never give any financial or personal information over the phone. To make a report contact OSU Police at 405.744.6352.

Cold Weather Tips

OSU Campus, Library with snow

Each year, dozens of Americans die due to exposure to cold, vehicles accidents due to winter weather conditions and fires due to the improper use of heating devices. Many of these deaths and injuries can be avoided with proper planning.  

  • Have a plan – Everyone should have a plan of how to deal with ice, snow, and frigid cold weather. OSU Snow and Ice Removal Plan
  • Keep up with the weather if you have travel plans – If winter precipitation is forecast,  consider delaying the trip to avoid being caught in a dangerous situation. Even small amounts of freezing drizzle, sleet or snow can cause significant travel problems.
  • Develop and maintain an emergency supplies kit – A winter storm safety kit will be critical should a winter storm cause you to lose electrical power and/or water service. A three-day supply of essential supplies, including water and food for the family, batteries, flashlights, and medical supplies, should be in place and checked frequently. This supply kit will be the same one you should have on hand during tornado season. In addition, if you have to travel this winter you should have an emergency survival kit in your vehicle as well.
  • Pay attention to NWS watches, warnings and advisories – The National Weather Service works hard to get the word out as far in advance as possible when winter storms approach. Whether you get your information from television and radio, the Internet, or weather radio, keep up to date on the latest forecasts and warnings.
  • Get a battery operated weather radio – One of the items that should be in everyone’s disaster supplies kit is a battery operated weather radio. Weather radio is a service of the National Weather Service and provides round the clock weather information, including all the latest winter weather information.

More information can be found at the National Weather Service

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As the nation aggressively addresses the threat of Ebola, it is important to note that the widespread transmission of the disease and subsequent chances of a large scale outbreak still remain low in Oklahoma.


Have fun. Digital media and apps are designed to encourage engagement and interaction. Use it to build others up, instead of tearing them down. Be a part of the conversation. There is value in diversity and sharing different ideas and perspectives.


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Who Do I Call?

Emergency: Call 911
Non-emergency: 405-744-6523