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Message from OSU President Burns Hargis

hargis2 tnThe security of our campus and the safety of students, employees and visitors are of utmost importance to all of us at Oklahoma State University. The university invests significant personnel and resources to keep the campus one of the safest in the region and to comply with all federal regulations and laws.

The primary focus of our work is education and that includes ensuring that students and employees educate themselves about personal safety and the safety of those around them.

We offer training and resources through the OSU Police Department, the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Office of Student Affairs, Human Resources as well as other areas.

One of the most important safety tools is communications. Our Cowboy Alert system is available to all students and employees and is our primary method of communicating in a weather event or other emergency. To sign up for Cowboy Alert go to safety.okstate.edu.

While OSU works hard to provide a higher level of safety, the best defense against crimes and accidents is to be informed and educated on personal safety, be aware of your surroundings, and report suspicious activity to proper authorities.

I hope you will join me in keeping OSU a safe and welcoming campus.

V. Burns Hargis

Full Annual Crime and Fire Safety Report


Campus Alerts

Who Do I Call?

Emergency: Call 911
Non-emergency: 405-744-6523