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CSA Incident Report

How does a Campus Security Authority complete the CSA Reporting Form?


Download the CSA Incident Report Form.  The form can be completed by hand or electronically. 


Submit report online (requires O-Key login)


The form is intended to provide information in such a way that a victim cannot be identified, but the crime can still be appropriately counted in the University’s statistics. 


  1. Check the box for the Crime Category identifying which type of crime you are reporting. 
  2. Check the box for the Location of Occurrence to identify where the crime occurred.  If you are unsure of the location, check the box for Unknown. 
  3. Enter the date and time the incident occurred, if known.  If you do not know, leave these fields empty. 
  4. Enter the date and time the incident was reported to you.  Do not complete the CSA Incident # or the OSUPD Case #. 
  5. Enter your name as the CSA receiving the report.
  6. Enter your department under “OSU Department receiving report.”
  7. If you are reporting arrests or referrals for drug, alcohol, or weapons offenses, enter the number of each being made.  For example, if you are reporting that two students were arrested for drinking underage, enter 2 in the number of arrests.
  8. Check the box for the reporting party.  Do not include the reporting party’s name unless they want you to do so. Just identify the reporting party generally as a victim, witness, or other (i.e. third party).
  9. If the incident was referred to you by another CSA, check the box identifying from where you received the report.  This is to help avoid duplication in reporting when multiple reports are made for the same incident.
  10. Enter the Location/Address of the incident if you know it.  Do not include enough information that the individual making the report could be identified.  For example, do not include a specific room in a residence hall.
  11. Briefly describe the incident.  Avoid entering information which could lead to identification of the individual making the report.
  12. If you are reporting an incident of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, complete the Title IX section and indicate whether you made a report to the appropriate Title IX official.  If you are a responsible employee, you must report to the Title IX Coordinator in addition to completing the CSA Incident Report. Information is available online for Title IX training. More information on resources available for victims can be found on the 1is2Many page.
  13. If the incident was a hate crime, meaning there is some indication that the crime was committed because of a bias based upon the victim’s actual or perceived ethnicity, race, religion, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity, check the box for the type of crime and the category of bias. Note that if the incident is a hate crime, in addition to the Clery crimes listed above, reports should also be made for larceny/theft, simple assault, intimidation, and destruction/damage/vandalism of property.
  14. If you are reporting a sex offense, complete the Sex Offense section with all information known to you. 
  15. Submit the report as soon as possible to If the reported incident constitutes a threat to the safety of the University community, immediately call the OSU Police Department at 405-744-6523.


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