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public safety

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Nothing is more important than the safety of students, employees and visitors at Oklahoma State University. The university invests significant personnel and resources to ensure the campus is one of the safest in the region. Safety is also the responsibility of each individual. Take the time to become familiar with these safety resources whether you live, work, learn or visit campus.

Emergency notifications 

Oklahoma State University has partnered with AT&T RAVE to implement a service called Cowboy Alert that will notify students, faculty and staff in the event of an emergency. 
In a situation deemed an emergency, OSU officials will send a message to members of the OSU community with information regarding the event and how they should proceed. This information may be in the form of a voice message, mobile text and/or email. 

Rave Guardian

Free App for Students and Staff Turns Your Phone Into a Personal Safety Resource
As part of Oklahoma State University’s commitment to campus safety, OSU offers the Rave Guardian app, a free mobile app that turns any smartphone into a personal safety resource.

Crisis Response Guide

The OSU Crisis Response Guide contains best practices, resources and information for responding to potential emergencies. The information in the guide is exactly that — best practices to help you with decision making. Each situation is different and every individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety.

Personal Safety Tips

The safety of students, employees, and visitors is of utmost importance to all of us at OSU. Learning about personal safety is one of the best ways to protect yourself. Familiarize yourself with these personal safety tips and resources.

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