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Patrol Division

The OSU Police Department Patrol Division is staffed by 21 officers who provide 24-hour service to the OSU campus, including  Lake Carl Blackwell and agricultural research areas. The officers respond to calls for service, conduct preliminary investigations, enforce traffic laws, provide crowd control and provide security for university property.


The Core Campus Division is staffed by three officers who typically serve the core academic area of campus Monday through Friday during normal business hours. These officers patrol on foot, bicycle or Segway, increasing their ability to navigate crowded conditions. These methods make it possible for officers to be face-to-face with the community they serve. They can also reach areas where patrol vehicles cannot travel and more quickly. 


The Lake Patrol Division is staffed with three officers who provide services during the summer months at Lake Carl Blackwell, located north of Highway 51 about six miles west of the main OSU-Stillwater campus. Thousands of visitors, campers, fishermen and sightseers visit Lake Carl Blackwell each season. OSU Police officers provide them with friendly and efficient police protection while patrolling the recreational and campground areas surrounding the lake. Lake officers also have a patrol vessel to help with enforcement and assistance on the water.

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